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We have a tailor-made mezcal tour, come whit the  expert

 Mezcal Experiences

Our Tours

Price per person, we accept credit cards

  • Deluxe Tour:           $2,500 pesos

  • Mezcal workshop: $2,100 pesos

  • Mezcal Tour Oaxaca: $1,600 pesos

  • Sunday tour:                       $1,850 pesos

  • Oaxaca Coastal Express: $800 -$3,000 pesos

  • Backpacker:                      $1,200 pesos

  • Distillery Boutique:       $499 pesos

  • Reservations only by deposit, we write by WhatsApp

  • Remember that by booking you accept the terms and conditions of our cancellation policy described at the end of our website

Mezcal workshop: the liquid culture

$2,100  pesos

Learn About the Spirit of Oaxaca

  • Visit two mezcal distilleries and an agave plantation near Oaxaca City

  • Receive a master class on mezcal production from a certified mezcal maestro

  • Taste up to 25 different mezcals, including artisanal, ancestral, and pechuga mezcals

  • Learn about the agave plant and its reproduction process

  • Discover the stories, theories, and legends of mezcal.   Included:

  • Transportation to Santiago Matatlán and Tlacolula de Matamoros

  • Master class and tasting class.   Duration: 6 hours

  • Book Now by Whatsapp

 Mezcal Distillery

$499 pesos

Taste the Rarest and Most Exclusive Mezcals in the World

  • Visit the smallest mezcal distillery in the world

  • Try the collection of mezcal available in our distillery, the most innovative and rare

  • Only by reservation, make your appointment by WhatsApp


  • Taste all the mezcal you want to try for an hour

  • Purchase options at preferential price


  • 1 hour 

  • (5,6 or 7 pm)

  • Book Now by Whatsapp

Mezcal Tour

$2,500 pesos

Visit two mezcal distilleries and an agave plantation near Oaxaca City

  • Learn about the mezcal production process from a certified mezcal maestro

  • Choose from 34 options everything you want to taste, 


  • Round-trip transportation from Oaxaca City

  • Tasting of up to 34 mezcals

  • Guided tour of two mezcal distilleries

  • Open bar of mezcal from our collection in the privacy of the Casa Tierra garden


  • 6 hours

  • 10am - 3pm

  • Book Now by Whatsapp

​Mezcal Tour Oaxaca

$1,600 pesos

:Learn About the Spirit of Oaxaca

  • Visit two distillery and agave plantation near Oaxaca City

  • Learn about the mezcal production process.

  • Try different varieties of agave

  • Taste up to 8 different mezcals

  • Enjoy round-trip transportation from the meeting point

  • Explanation in English or Spanish

  • Subject to a minimum of reservations

  • Duration: 4 hours

  • Book Now by Whatsapp

Oaxaca Coastal Express

1 person $3,000

2 persons $5,000

3 persons $6,000

4 persons $6,500

Wildcard $800

Daybreak to Dusk: Oaxaca to Puerto Escondido Journey

  • Round trip transportation to the coast of Oaxaca.

  • We start at 6 am - 8:30

  • We return at 8 pm - 10:30

  • Reservations by WhatsApp

Sunday Tour

$1,850 pesos


  • Visit 1 distilleries.

  • Visit Mitla

  • Tlacolula market or textiles.

  • Transportation.

  • Qualified guide.

  • 12 tasting mezcals available.

  • Duration 6 hours.

  • Available in English and Spanish.

  • Book Now by Whatsapp


$1,200 pesos

(Exclusively for those under 26 years of age)


  • Visit 2 distillery.

  • Visit 1 agave plantation.

  • Transportation with a Spanish speaking only driver

  • English or Spanish qualified guide only at the distillery.

  • 12 tasting mezcals available.

  • Duration 4 hours.


Marble Surface

Antonio Escobedo

Producer of mezcal in Oaxaca, creator of nano distillations, inventor of the hybrid "capacho-filipino" alembic and activated cannabis mezcal, his family is a mezcal production five generations ago, he taught for the Master Mezcallier certification.


León Langley

One of the 7 authorities of the mezcal culture in Oaxaca, he writes for various newspapers and magazines in addition to having a privileged palate that has made him judge in different distillate contests.


Mario Castellanos

Mezcalier and brand ambassador for mezcal, se began him adventure in Mezcal culture 12 years ago. He speaks fluent English, has international experience promoting mezcal, and knows the production processes in depth.

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